Asian Massage Services

Sometimes having a normal massage just isn’t enough. You need something more, something that makes all of your senses tingle with pleasure and makes you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt before. Enter the world of erotic Asian Massage Services where pleasure leads to freedom from stress and other rigours of life.


Types of Erotic Massages

Tantric Massage

The aim of an erotic massage is to help an individual focus on their pleasure rather than pain. Tantric massage originates from India but is still practiced all over the world. Deep breathing and soft caressing of the genitals are the core aspects of Tantric massage. It is quite popular in Aberdeen in Scotland.


Nuru Massage

Nuru, or body to body, massage is one of the most sensual massages in the whole world. Although it originates from Japan, people from all over the world practice it regularly. This type of massage begins with the masseuse taking off all of their clothes. The masseuse then begins rubbing their body against the customer’s after application of ample oil on both their bodies. This is popular in Glasgow.


Penis Massage

This massage is exactly what you think it is. This massage consists of the masseuse honoring and exploring the natural pleasurable sensations that emanate from a penis. They gently stroke and caress it till the man ejaculates. The massage includes the shaft, testicles, perineum and external prostate. This massage is quite popular in the city of Inverness in Scotland.


Prostrate Massage

It is said that prostate stimulation in men is amongst the most effective pleasurable acts ever. Prostrate stimulation can help a man feel pleasure on a deeper and more satisfying level. A prostrate massage includes the stimulation of the prostrate by massaging the perineum externally. This leads to the release of physical and psychological pressure. This massage is one of the most popular in the Scottish city of Dundee.


Massage with Soap

Although this massage sounds mundane, it can quickly become the most sensual experience you’ve ever had, provided your masseuse knows what they’re doing. This type of massage includes getting naked in the shower with your masseuse and the letting them gently lather your body with soap. This massage is extremely popular all over the world.


Happy Ending massage

This can be considered as the godfather of all massages in terms of popularity. A happy ending massage involves the stimulation of the penis with ejaculation as the end goal. A happy ending massage is commonly known as a hand job. It is popular all over the world.


Feel free to partake in any of the above mentioned forms of massages. You will be left feeling happy, pleasured and relaxed after their completion.